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In 2015 my weight circulated around 105 kg. Comparing it with my height which is 174 cm now gives you picture of a overweighted man tending to be 50 years old. No sport at all! High blood pressure, problems with liver and allergy  treated with everyday medicine.

One day I said stop!

Fed up with the wheezing on the stairs, I decided to go for a jog. It is easy - I thought - putting on a tracksuit and trying to bend down to tie the tennis shoes  that were still in the closet .

I went downstairs and did a gallop of about 10 minutes per kilometer, which ended up in a gigantic shortness of breath after about 30 seconds or maybe 10.

How it is possible, that all those runners doing it every day with easiness.  But I said enough is enough and I was continuing mostly doing a walk dividing it with a slow jog, and that day I got to the Citadel.

Then there were following days, weeks, months, years and it has remained so until today. Speed has changed, distances traveled. Everything has changed!

It took me half a year to reduce my weight to 90 kg. A lot of work:  everyday diet combined with 1-3 h of walking then 1-2 h slow jogging gived me this result, which is hard to maintain. I am still trying to loose weight to the satisfactory level (eg. 75 kg) and keep up with everyday activities (walk, run, core and strength training).

In 2017 (after two years of training) I ran my first half marathon, and in the fall my first marathon.

In early 2015, I was training in the woods around Ljungby. This is where I managed to spectacularly descend to 90 kg in a six months and that's where I ran my first real 5 km race. It took 27 minutes and I was proud I wasn't the last. Actually I was 10th from the end. It turned out, however, that I did not understand exactly and signed up for the professional run and an hour later there was a family-run that I would have won. ;)

One day I showed up at Diet & more to do fitness tests. I was curious what my heart rate zones were: aerobic and anaerobic, and of course the VO2 max. From Paweł (who is my trainer now) I learned that I am "overwhelmed" and now I have to walk to get my oxygen base. This is not what I expected, but in the end we work together and he is the father of my last bests.


Equipment, which helps


Coros Vertix Ice Breaker and Stryd

This year (2020) I have decided to change my sports watch from Polar Vantage V to Coros Vertix Ice Breaker. Apart from inaccuracies in measuring the instantaneous pace and the whole distance in general, the inability to measure anything in open waters (lake) took the decision of change. We will see what will happen because for now, I am learning this Coros + Stryd tandem (yes, I bought a module that measures the running power).


I've already damaged a few pairs of shoes. I am currently running Adidas Adizero Boston 9, Adidas Ultraboost, Salomon x-scream 3d flare gtx and Salomon Speedcross 5 gtx

Othet things

During training, I also use the Polar H10 heart rate belt (it is useful for sprints and where the heart rate changes quickly). I like to listen to music while training, so I got myself Aftershoks Aeropex (bone conduction headphones) - they're great!

The Ledlenser MH10R headlamp is ideal for evening runs and at night.




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    Jacek Schmidt


    Physicist, graphic designer and publisher.

    He runs to the healthy side of the force since 2015.  In 2021, he begins his adventure with mountain and ultra running.